Elizabeth Sellwood

Non-Resident Fellow

Elizabeth Sellwood is non-resident fellow at the Center on International Cooperation. She is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and has conducted several projects for CIC on international engagement in the Middle East, including a project to apply the 2011 World Development Report framework to Lebanon.

Elizabeth has worked for the United Nations in various capacities, most recently in the Office of the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon. She was Special Assistant to the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and worked for the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Jerusalem. She also headed the Aid Coordination Secretariat in Ramallah.

Elizabeth has also worked on UN reform issues, including the use of information in peacekeeping operations, practices of political analysis in the UN, internal management issues, and implementation of the Secretary-General's High Level Panel recommendations. She co-founded and ran a "low level panel" of UN staff members and others, which contributed analysis to the UN reform team led by the Deputy Secretary-General in 2005.

Between 2001-03 Elizabeth was an adviser to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the UK House of Commons. She also worked for Oxfam in the Balkans in the aftermath of the Kosovo war, and in 1995-99 held research positions at Chatham House and Cambridge University.

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